More Than 112 Years of Dedicated Service to Mankind

Haffkine’s Flask


Rogapahari Vigyanam Lok Kalyanasadhanam

‘Alleviating Human Suffering Through Science and Thereby Serving the Welfare of the People’

The logo of Haffkine Institute has been designed to embrace the essence of the Institute’s mandate, rogapahari vidnyanam lokakalyana sadhanam. The logo also incorporates ‘the Haffkine Flask’ which was specifically designed by Dr. WM Haffkine for the culture of the plague bacterium, Yersinia pestis. The ingenious design of the Haffkine Flask allowed the plague bacterium cultures to grow as bacterial threads going from the surface to the bottom of the flasks, now known as ‘Haffkine’s Stalactites’ in science.

This flask has been represented in the graphic format in the Logo of Haffkine Institute.

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